Who We Are

Gate For Space young and dynamically developing consulting company which area of competence covers the market of the space satellite systems. We are aiming to cover 3 main pillars of the contemporary space development business.

Main activities

Market Oriented

The latest market research analysis show us the main issue the satellite business faces today: most of the satellite related projects are not market driven.
According to the expert’s panel of the Satellite Masters Conference the word “market” and “customers” are two the most demanded word nowadays in satellite business.
In Gate For Space we believe in connecting those two with each other giving birth to smooth starts and fruitful collaboration.
Creating the trustful links between partners and commercial networks of the diverse levels is the final goal we pursuit.

Business Solutions

Expert Team

Whatever area of expertise is needed in Gate For Space we are ready to deliver you the best professionals to provide technical, economical or legal advise leading to the best solution.

Contact us

Gate For Space Great Britain
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London, England, WC2H 9JQ
E-mail: info@gateforspace.com

Gate For Space Kazakhstan
8 Amman Street, Office 207
Astana, Kazakhstan
Phone +7 7011201800
E-mail: info@gateforspace.com